Saturday, November 21, 2015

Non-traditional Material

For this project I wanted to have a connection between the material I used and the subject, so after I got the idea to use yarn I immediately thought to make cats. I originally wanted to do a few different cats out of yarn, but Mr. Sands influenced me to try stop motion animation. At first, I really didn't like the way the cats were turning out, but it got better once I started using tracing paper.  I also realized I could repeat cats multiple times in the stop motion, so I didn't need to make as many as I had thought. I decided to glue the yarn down onto the tracing paper. I like the way the cats turned out because the fraying of the yarn gives the cat a fuzzy texture. I'm glad I tried stop motion because it was challenging and something new to try.


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  2. Maddy, I am an art teacher from a Pennsylvania high school and I am extremely impressed with your piece. In the grad course I am currently taking, we were told to fins a student blog that impressed us and talk about it. Your post stuck out to me among the many that I have seen. My students complete a stop motion project and they have never thought to use tracing paper to create their piece. Just by the images you have on this post, I can see that you have excellent craftsmanship and have planned out your piece very well. The whole idea is very impressive and you should be commended. I hope that the finished product turned out as well as you had hoped. Great job!

    My blog post discussing your work: