Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What Evokes Change?

For this project I decided to create a question using the word change.  The question I chose to use was "What evokes change?".  I thought about answers to the question in order to come up with an idea for the art. One answer to what evokes change is wanting to fit in and be accepted.

 To show this, I decided to to use a caterpillar hanging off a branch getting ready to make a chrysalis. This shows the caterpillar getting ready to change. I also chose to put butterflies around the caterpillar to show what influences the caterpillar to change.  Someone said this idea reminded them of the ugly duckling which I agree with.

I wanted to use a material that I hadn't used before, and I picked paper because I thought it would look interesting. It ended up being a choice I regretted since it was challenging cutting out the markings on both the caterpillar and butterflies.  In addition to layering paper I used black marker to make details.  For the rest the project I used watercolor.  I like the way the project turned out overall, and think the time it took to cut and layer the paper was worth it. I also like the contrast between the colors blue, yellow, and orange.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Is Art Without Meaning Decoration?

I don't think all art may be created with meaning, but I think meaning can be found in all art. Some art may have more meaning than other art, and determining how much meaning art has depends on who's analyzing it.
When I googled "wall decoration art" I found a picture of trees and birds. Some people may view it as decoration that fills up space on a wall. Others may view the trees as representing life, nature, and connection.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Element Art 3

What element?
The element I chose was line. I chose line because I thought it would look interesting adding value to the tree with lines. The leaves are made up of a lot of green and a few yellow lines.
What media?
I used charcoal and chalk pastels on wood. I chose charcoal because it would show up well on wood, and I wanted the tree to stand out in black. I used the chalk pastels to add color by doing the sky and leaves with them.
What subject?
The subject is a tree that looks like you're looking up at it. I wanted to do a tree, and thought it would look cool to see it in a different perspective. I also liked the idea of doing a tree on wood because it forms a relationship between the materials and subject used.